Hans is a handsome 2 year old male shepherd. He’s a big strong guy and is a very active, but is very friendly and affectionate. He seems to know how to sit on command (when he was paying attention) and when I tried to give him the hand signal to lie down he gave me his paw instead! We’re working with him on the walk which he does need some practice with. He’s just so excited to get out that he can’t wait for you! Due to his size and strength you’ll really need to practice leading him on the walk. After a quick trip around the block he was already getting the idea. Hans has a classic deep shepherd bark that will keep your yard and home safe. He’s a young dog with a lot of potential to be a great companion, but he’s going to need lots of exercise and a strong leader. Come by to meet Hans during adoption hours every Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 pm.


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