Ace is a handsome young guy with a wonderful mixture of colors to his fur. And that kind of matches his personality. One moment he’s so excited to play that he’s jumping all over everyone, and then the next he’s the most affectionate pup you’ve ever met. Ace is a slightly bigger guy with an exuberant playfulness. He’s learned the bad habit of jumping up, but if corrected and allowed to calm down in a few moments he’ll be sitting quietly next to you and won’t let you stop petting him. If given the right leadership he will walk nicely with you, but he is a strong guy so you’ll have to be on the look out for squirrels. Despite all these great qualities Ace is a very loyal and protective dog so we are recommending an experienced shepherd owner.  Ace has a lot of energy so he’ll need a good jog everyday and in return he’ll make a great companion.


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