Marley – Adopted!!!


Marley is a 3 year old boy who is a happy loveable pup. He is very friendly with people and wants to jump up to say hello, but that may be from the excitement of knowing that he’s about to go for a walk. Marley was born with a defect in his right front leg. At first glance he looks just like any other dog but when he walks or runs his right front leg doesn’t work quite right so he does a combination of walking on it and galloping like a three-legged dog where it doesn’t touch the ground. All in all it doesn’t slow him down and he will pull you down the street trying to explore everything. So yes, he’ll need a little bit of work with walking nicely on the leash. As you can see from his pictures he is a big handsome guy and just loved the attention and was very affectionate. He would love a family that will take him for walks and love him just the way he is.


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