Meet Daisy!  As you can see from her pictures Daisy is missing her left rear leg.  Last month she underwent surgery to have it removed due to an injury.  Daisy needed to be re-homed and on the day she was dropped off to her new owner she tried to jump the backyard fence and broke her leg.  The new owner couldn’t afford the vet bill and waited too long to get her treatment so they called GS Rescue, but unfortunately her leg could not be repaired.  However, having only three legs is not slowing her down at all!  Daisy quickly adjusted to walking on three legs and she is already pulling the volunteers wherever she wants to go on the leash!  Her energy seems to be boundless!  Check out her video below to see her in action.

Based on her looks and temperament, Daisy may have come from some good breeding.  She is very friendly and loving and won’t let you stop petting her.  She wants to lean up against you or sit on your lap and she even climbed up into a lawn chair to sit with the volunteers.  Having only three legs is not going to stop this girl from leading life to the fullest and being a happy affectionate companion to your family.  She is all healed from the surgery and the vet did an excellent job.  You can barely see a scar.  We are also fundraising to help cover the cost of her vet bills.  If you would like to make a donation in her name you can click on the PayPal link on our Home Page or drop by the Rescue in person during adoption hours.  We would love for you and your family to meet this wonderful pup!



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