When we first saw Charlie (roughly 2 years old) he was desperately pawing at me through his gate at the shelter wanting me to say hello.  His ears were so flat against his head in a very submissive gesture I didn’t even know he was a shepherd!

When he jumped down and they perked up I was very excited and had to meet him right away.  The best way to describe Charlie is 80lbs of bouncy love!  He is just a big puppy and loves everyone and everything.  He has a lot of energy and no training except for the basic sit and down.  Because of this it can be hard to control his excitement, especially because he thinks everyone should love him, even another dog that doesn’t want to say hello!  Charlie just doesn’t understand this concept because his whole world is made up of excitement and fun.  He is a very clean slate and will be a wonderful candidate to train to do whatever you like.  He is eager and willing.  We love having him here; he brightens up the place and always makes us smile.  We know he will do the same for you too.  Come see Charlie and bring the family!


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