Sammy is a beautiful and loyal 5 year old pure bred German Shepherd. Her family left the country on a peace corp mission and we are seeking a new loving home.  Sammy is well-trained having received formal dog obedience.  She is trained to obey commands, walks well on a leash, and has excellent bark control.  Sammy is an excellent communicator and knows to protect her family and her home.  She protected her old family from coyotes and an intruder!  Sammy absolutely LOVES to walk and play fetch. She literally jumps for joy when she sees her leash and knows that she will be heading out for a walk!

Due to her protective nature, Sammy would do best in a home with an owner who has German Shepherd experience.  She would have to be the only dog in the home, no cats, and no children.  She needs a strong pack leader presence with clear consistent rules to help her reach her full potential.  She will love her family with all of her heart and is patiently looking for a new home to call her own again.

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