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Best Friends Strut Your Mutt!!!

SYMLogoBFOrangeGerman Shepherd Rescue is participating in Best Friends’ annual “Strut Your Mutt” dog walk and festival to help raise awareness for shelter pets and provide a fundraising opportunity for our organization and our pups.  There will be all sorts of pet-related activities for your whole family and even a post-event movie outdoors in the park!  Gather your family and friends (and dogs too!) and sign up to be a part of our team: “German Shepherd Rescue Dog Orphan“!  GSR is a partner of Best Friends and all money raised by our team in this event will come back to the rescue!  You can sign up now to be on the team, to walk, and fund raise with other supporters and our volunteers – and you can bring your dog with you to the event too!  If you are unable to participate in the event but would like to support the team or a team member, you can do so by donating!  Check out our video promoting our team for Strut Your Mutt:

Strut Your Mutt

Will Rogers State Park, Los Angeles

3:30 pm Registration / 5 pm Start

 We would like to dedicate the month of August in memory of a very special volunteer

Merci was adopted from German Shepherd Rescue by volunteers Troy and Debi Jo in 2003.  Like many rescue pets her real birthday was unknown so they celebrated her unofficial birthday on August 1st.  She volunteered at the Rescue her entire life by walking with and helping to socialize the dogs.  In her time as a dog walker she took over 3000 walks with more than a thousand different dogs!  Merci did official therapy work at hospitals, children’s homes, senior homes, and colleges, and lots of unofficial therapy in everyday encounters.  She was also quite the traveler.  In addition to going everywhere locally with Troy and Debi Jo, she has traveled over 30,000 miles and visited 27 states including D.C. and British Columbia.  After years of service and love, Merci passed away recently.  She worked at her job up until the end.  If an adopter asked us if a particular dog was dog-friendly we would just look at our chart to see if they’d walked with Merci, and we would say they were “Merci-Approved”.  She will be sorely missed now that she’s gone, but I’m sure we’ll still say our dog-friendly pups are “Merci-Approved”.


Welcome to the German Shepherd Rescue website.

We are located 417 North Moss st.  Burbank CA. 91502
Our hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.   Please be aware that we only answer phone calls during this time.
Our available dogs are always changing, so please return to our website often.


Special Need: We are extremely low on wet canned food. If you are interested in helping out the dogs perhaps the next time you are at Costco or Trader Joe’s grab a few cans or a case of wet food for the dogs in Burbank. They are used to eating Pedigree or Trader Joe’s canned food that we mix with dry. The dogs will appreciate it. Thanks. Woof woof!


Kuranda BedWish List Request:  We’re making a special donation request for Kuranda Beds for some of our dogs.  They are a comfortable, chew-proof, easy to clean dog bed that lifts the dog off the cold hard concrete and provides firm orthopedic support for older dogs or dogs with joint discomfort.  All of our dogs love to lay on them and we even had one dog named Lady Blue who would pick up her bowl and place it on the Kuranda Bed so she could eat while lounging.  It would be a valuable donation that would last for years to come and benefit many dogs while they wait for their forever homes (and beds).  The Large or X-Large sizes would be ideal for German Shepherds.  You can click on the picture below to go directly to their website.

Are you looking for the perfect keepsake to remember your beloved pet, or perhaps your organization needs a custom award for an honored member?


These fine craftsmen have adopted several dogs from us and have been long time supporters.  They can create custom crystal figurines from a photograph or drawing, and will turn your furry friend into a custom work of art.  Please check out their website to see all of the incredible things they can create out of glass and crystal.  They are gracious enough to show their continued support by donating all proceeds to GSRescue Burbank!

Igloos in Southern California!!!

PetMate Dogloo XTSpecial Need:  All of our dogs have their very own igloo to curl up inside of when they want to relax.  They create that calm and secure den-like experience that dogs love to seek out.  The design and construction keeps the pups cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Many of our igloos have become pretty chewed up over the years or have just fallen into general disrepair, and so we’re putting out a special request for some PetMate Igloo (extra large) donations.  As always, every little bit helps as we try to make their stay with us a little more comfortable.  Thank you!!!


Special Need:  We are currently running low on chain slip/control collars for our dogs.  Our volunteers and trainers use them while walking the dogs to give corrections, and we usually like to send you home with one as part of your new dog adoption kit to start your training off on the right paw.  If you have a spare or old one that you could donate, or if you’re in the pet store and wouldn’t mind picking one up for our pups, we would greatly appreciate it.  18″-24″ are usually a good fit for German Shepherds.  Thanks!!!


Please don’t forget to
It expires once a year on September 1st.  If your RALPH’S receipt doesn’t say “GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE” on the very bottom it needs to be renewed.

If you need help signing up just email or call us and we can walk you through it.


Community Rewards Program

Check out this story by the L.A. Times about a senior dog we rescued who found his forever home.,0,1193566.story


We thank the Pedigree Foundation for their support.

The PEDIGREE foundation logo is a trademark of Mars, incorporated and is used with permission

We would like to thank Trader Joe’s and Natural Balance for their continuous food donations.

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